Parkus Grammaticus

Saturday, May 21, 2005


ADAMS, Douglas—author, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, et al.
, Charles—New Yorker cartoonist, "The Addams Family," Monster Rally, Homebodies, Dear Dead Days, et al.
ADLER, Renata—novelist and journalist, Speedboat, Pitch Dark, et al.
AIKEN, Joan—author, The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, The Serial Garden, et al.
AMES, Jonathan—novelist, Wake Up, Sir!, et al.
ANDERSON, Wes—filmmaker, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, et al.
ANDRZEJEWSKI, Jerzy—Polish novelist, The Gates of Paradise, et al.
ARFFSSEN, Lars—Swedish novelist, The Girl With the Sturgeon Tattoo. See also DOUGLAS, Lawrence.
ARMSTRONG, Jon—author, Yarn
, John—poet, essayist, novelist, Flow Chart, A Nest of Ninnies, et al.
, Fred—actor/dancer/singer, Top Hat, Swing Time, Shall We Dance, Carefree, et al. See also ROGERS, Ginger.
AYLETT, Steve—British science-fiction author, Lint, et al. See also LINT, Jeff.


BAKER, Nicholson—author, The Mezzanine, U&I, Vox, The Everlasting Story of Nory, et al.
BALLARD, J(ames) G(raham)—author, Empire of the Sun, Crash, The Drowned World, Super-Cannes, "The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Considered as a Downhill Motor Race," et al.
BANGS, John Kendrick—humorist/novelist, The Dreamers, et al.
BEATLES, The—musical group, Revolver, Rubber Soul, et al. See also HARRISON, George.
BERVIN, Jen—poet, Nets. See also PHILLIPS, Tom
BLOCK, Lawrence—crime novelist, A Drop of the Hard Stuff, When the Sacred Ginmill Closes, et al.
BÖK, Christian—poet, Eunoia, Crystallography
BONG, Joon-ho, filmmaker, Barking Dogs Never Bite, Memories of Murder
BORGES, Jorge Luis—author, Ficciones, Labyrinths, A Universal History of Infamy, A Dictionary of Imaginary Beings, The Aleph, et al.
BOYD, William—novelist, Any Human Heart, Fascination, et al.; see also POWELL, Anthony
BROSNAN, Meredith—novelist, Mr. Dynamite
BUDDHA, religious figure. See also HERZOG, Werner, and TEZUKA, Osamu.
BULWER-LYTTON, Edward George—The Coming Race, Paul Clifford, et al.
BURTON, Robert—author, The Anatomy of Melancholy


CAPLES, Garrett—poet, essayist, "Quintessence of the Minor: Symbolist Poetry in English"
, Edgar—psychic, writer, Edgar Cayce on Atlantis, Edgar Cayce on Dreams, et al.
CHA, Theresa Hak Kyung—artist/author, DICTEE
CHEUNG, Maggie—actress, In the Mood for Love, Irma Vep, et al.
CHIANG, Ted—author, Stories of Your Life and Others
CHOW, Stephen—filmmaker/actor, Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle, et al.
CLARKE, Arthur C.—fiction writer, Childhood's End, "The Nine Billion Names of God," et al.
CLOWES, Daniel—graphic novelist, Ghost World, Eightball (comic book), Caricature, et al.
COE, Jonathan—novelist (The Winshaw Legacy, The House of Sleep, The Rotters' Club, The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim, et al.), biographer (Like a Fiery Elephant: The Story of B.S. Johnson)
CONN, Andrew Lewis—novelist, P
COTRONA, John—fiction writer, Lost Positives
COUPLAND, Douglas—author, Generation X, microserfs, Eleanor Rigby, et al.
CRAWFORD, Stanley—author, The Log of the S.S. Mrs. Unguentine, Some Instructions, Petroleum Man
CROWLEY, John—The Solitudes, Endless Things, et al.
, Rachel—author, In the Fold, et al.


DARGER, Henry (1892–1972)—author, illustrator, The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What Is Known As the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angellinian War Storm Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion, et al. (Try here for main article.)
DEFOE, Gideon—novelist, Pirates! In an Adventure With Scientists
DELILLO, Don (b. 1936)—novelist/playwright/screenwriter, White Noise, Americana, Cosmopolis, Valparaiso, Game Six, Ratner's Star, "Human Moments in World War III," et al.
DELISLE, Guy—animator/graphic novelist, Pyongyang.
DICK, Philip K(indred)novelist, The Man in the High Castle, Voices in the Street, Ubik, "Minority Report"
DONNELLY, Ignatius—writer and politician, Atlantis, Caesar's Column, et al.
DOUGLAS, Lawrence—professor and novelist, The Catastrophist, The Vices. See also ARFFSSEN, Lars.
DÜRRENMATT, Friedrich—The Pledge, The Assignment, et al.


EDDISON, E.R. (Eric Rucker)(1882–1945)—Scottish novelist, The Worm Ouroboros, A Fish Dinner in Memison, Mistress of Mistresses, The Mezentian Gate, et al.
ENRIGHT, Anne—Irish novelist, The Forgotten Waltz, et al.
EUGENIDES, Jeffrey—novelist, The Marriage Plot, et al.


FEUILLADE, Louis—filmmaker, Fantômas, Les Vampires, et al.
FINLEY, Karen—performance artist (Make Love, et al.), author
FRANZEN, Jonathan—The Corrections, et al.


GADDIS, William—novelist, The Recognitions, JR, Agape Agape, et al.
GIBSON, William—novelist, Neuromancer, Pattern Recognition, Spook Country, et al.
GOLDBARTH, Albert—poet/essayist/novelist, Pieces of Payne
GOREY, Edward—writer/illustrator, The Unstrung Harp, The Curious Sofa, The Object-Lesson, The Awdrey-Gore Legacy, "The Gashleycrumb Tinies," Amphigorey Again, et al.
GOSPODINOV, Georgi—Bulgarian novelist, Natural Novel
GREENAN, Russell H.—novelist, It Happened in Boston?, et al.


HALDEMAN, Joe—novelist, The Forever War, Mindbridge, The Accidental Time Machine, et al.
HARRISON, George—musician, All Things Must Pass, "Something," et al. See also BEATLES, the.
HASEK, Jaroslav—Czech novelist, The Good Soldier Svejk
HEAD, Gwen—poet, Fire Shadows, et al.; see SCHWARTZMAN, Lee Tandy
HEINLEIN, Robert A.–science-fiction writer, Stranger in a Strange Land, Farmer in the Sky, Starship Troopers, Friday, et al.
HERZOG, Werner—filmmaker, Grizzly Man, Wheel of Time, The White Diamond, et al.
HOBAN, Russell—novelist, Riddley Walker, Her Name Was Lola, Turtle Diary, et al.
HRABAL, Bohumil—Czech novelist, I Served the King of England, Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age, et al.
HUNT, Laird—author, The Impossibly, Ray of the Star, et al.


IM, Kwon-taek—filmmaker, Chunhyang, Chihwaseon, The Hidden Hero, et al.
INGALLS, Rachel—novelist/novellaïst, Mrs. Caliban, Binstead's Safari, Be My Guest, Times Like These, et al.
IRVING, John—novelist, The World According to Garp, A Widow for One Year, et al.


JANDEK—mysterious musician, Ready for the House, Chair by the Window, et al.
JOHNSON, B.S. (Bryan Stanley)—novelist (Albert Angelo, The Unfortunates, House Mother Normal, Christie Malry's Own Double-Entry, et al.), filmmaker. Subject of Jonathan Coe's biography Like a Fiery Elephant.


KASISCHKE, Laura—author, In a Perfect World, "Search Continues for Elderly Man," et al.
, Ben—cartoonist/librettist, Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer, The Slug Bearers of Kayrol Island, et al.
KEELER, Harry Stephen (1890–1967)—novelist, The Marceau Case; Y. Cheung, Business Detective; The Mysterious Mr. I, The Peacock Fan, et al.
KIM HABOUSH, Jahyun—translator/scholar, The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong. See LADY HYEGYONG
KIM, Ki-duk (b. 1960)—filmmaker, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter . . . and Spring, 3-Iron, et al.
KIM, Myung Mi—poet, Commons, et al.
KING, Stephen—author, Carrie, Christine, Cujo, The Shining, "The New York Times at Special Bargain Rates," et al.


LABUTE, Neil—director/playwright, Fat Pig, et al.
LADY HYEGYONG—author, The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong (a/k/a Hanjungnok)
LAVALLE, Victor—author, Big Machine, et al.
LEE, Chang-Rae—novelist, Native Speaker, A Gesture Life, Aloft
LEM, Stanislaw—Polish author, Solaris, The Investigation, The Cyberiad, A Perfect Vacuum
LINT, Jeff—science-fiction author, fictional character, The Man Who Gave Birth to His Arse, et al. See also AYLETT, Steve.
LLOYD, Harold—actor/filmmaker, Safety Last!, The Freshman, Speedy, et al.


MANKOWITZ, Wolf—author, A Kid for Two Farthings, et al.
, Harry (b. 1930)—author, The Conversions, Tlooth, The Sinking of the Odradek Stadium, Cigarettes, et al.; co-editor, Oulipo Compendium
MACGREGOR, John—art historian, The Discovery of the Art of the Insane, In the Realms of the Unreal, et al.; see DARGER, Henry
MCCAFFERTY, Megan—author, Sloppy Firsts, Second Helpings, Charmed Thirds
MCCAY, Winsor (1867–1934)—cartoonist, Dream of the Rarebit Fiend, et al.
MCEWAN, Ian (b. 1948)—novelist, Enduring Love, Atonement, On Chesil Beach, et al.
MCEWEN, Todd—novelist, Fisher's Hornpipe, Who Sleeps With Katz, et al.
MCKELLAR, Don—actor/scriptwriter/musical writer, The Drowsy Chaperone
MCKINNEY, Devin—writer, blogger, Magic Circles: The Beatles in Dream and History, Hey Dullblog, et al.
MITCHELL, David—novelist, Cloud Atlas, Black Swan Green, et al.
MOORE, Julia—poet, known as the "Sweet Singer of Michigan"
MORRISON, Van—singer/songwriter, Astral Weeks, et al.
MOSKOWITZ, Mark—filmmaker, Stone Reader. See MOSSMAN, Dow
MOSSMAN, Dow—author, The Stones of Summer
MR. SATURNHEAD—American comic strip. See SATURNHEAD, Mr.
MURAKAMI, Haruki—Japanese novelist, Norwegian Wood, The Elephant Vanishes, et al.
MURRAY, Paul—novelist, An Evening of Long Goodbyes


NABOKOV, Vladimir—novelist, Pale Fire, Lolita, "The Vane Sisters," The Eye, et al.
NEELY, Brad—commentator, WIZARD PEOPLE, dear reader
NOOTEBOOM, Cees—novelist, The Following Story, All Souls Day, et al.


OTHMER, James P.—novelist, The Futurist
OUSPENSKY, P.D. (Pyotr Demianovich)—author, mystic, Strange Life of Ivan Osokin, In Search of the Miraculous, et al.


PARK, Chanwook—filmmaker, Oldboy, et al.
PARK, Nick—animator, A Close Shave, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, et al.
PEKAR, Harvey—writer, American Splendor (comic book)
PEREC, Georges—French author, A Void, W or the Memory of Childhood, , et al.
See also WRIGHT, Ernest Vincent.

PHILLIPS, Tom—artist, A Humument
PORCELLINO, John—comic-book artist, King-Cat Comics, Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man, Perfect Example
PORTIS, Charles—novelist, True Grit, The Dog of the South, et al.
POWELL, Anthony—novelist, A Dance to the Music of Time, Afternoon Men, et al.
See also AMES, Jonathan, and BOYD, William.
PRATCHETT, Terry—novelist, Making Money, et al.
PYNCHON, Thomas—novelist, Gravity's Rainbow, et al.



RAPP, Adam—playwright, novelist, Stone Cold Dead Serious, The Year of Endless Sorrows
, Adam—author, Gradisil
ROBINSON, Kim Stanley—author, Forty Signs of Rain, Fifty Degrees Below, Sixty Days and Counting, Red Mars, et al.
ROCKWELL, Norman—painter, Triple Self-Portrait, et al.
ROGERS, Ginger—actress, dancer, singer, Follow the Fleet, Shall We Dance, Top Hat, Stage Door, et al. See also ASTAIRE, Fred.ROSENTHAL, Amy—author, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life
ROWLING, J.K.—author, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, et al.


SALINGER, J(erome). D(avid).—fiction writer, The Catcher in the Rye, Seymour: An Introduction, Franny and Zooey, Lolita, et al.
SATURNHEAD, Mr.—comic strip
SAUNDERS, George—fiction writer, Pastoralia, CivilWarLand in Bad Decline, et al.
SCHWARTZMAN, Lee Tandy—novelist, Crippled Detectives or The War of the Red Romer
SEBALD, W.G. (Winfried Georg "Max")—author, The Rings of Saturn, Austerlitz, After Nature, et al.
SEDIA, Ekaterina—novelist, The Secret History of Moscow
SEGAR, E.C. (Elzie Crisler)—cartoonist, Thimble Theatre ("Popeye")
SHARPE, Matthew—novelist, The Sleeping Father, Jamestown, et al.
SHAW, Dash—cartoonist, Bottomless Belly Button, Bodyworld, et al.
SHEEN, Simon S.—filmmaker, 3 Ninjas et al. See SHIN, Sang-ok
SHIN, Sang-ok—filmmaker, Flowers in Hell, Pulgasari, et al.
SIMENON, Georges—novelist, the Maigret books
SILVERBERG, Robert—To the Dark Star, et al.
SITTENFELD, Curtis—novelist, Prep
STARK, Richard—novelist, The Outfit, The Hunter, The Man With the Getaway Face, et al.
See also WESTLAKE, Donald E.
, Richard—novelist, Natural Shocks, Stitch, Other Men's Daughters, et al.
STRAUB, Peter—author, editor, American Fantastic Fiction, et al.


TAKAHASHI, Genichiro—novelist, Sayonara, Gangsters
TEZUKA, Osamu—manga artist, Astro Boy, Buddha, Apollo's Song, et al.
TOMINE, Adrian—graphic novelist, Summer Blonde, Optic Nerve (comic book), et al.
TOWNSEND, Sue—British novelist and playwright, The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Age 13 3/4, Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction, et al.



VAN LUSTBADER, Eric—novelist, The Ninja, et al.
VINING, Edward Payson—author, An Inglorious Columbus
VISWANATHAN, Kaavya—plagiarist, How Opal Mehta Got Wild, Got Kissed, and Got a Life. See MCCAFFERTY, Megan.


WEINBERGER, Eliot—poet/translator/essayist, What Happened Here, Works on Paper, 9-12, et al.
WESTLAKE, Donald E.—Dortmunder series, God Save the Mark, et al.
See also STARK, Richard
WODEHOUSE, P.G. (Pelham Grenville "Plum")—novelist/lyricist/playwright, Joy in the Morning, Ukridge, Good Morning, Bill, Bertie Wooster Sees It Through, Mr. Mulliner Speaking, et al. See also AMES, Jonathan.
WOOLRICH, Cornell—novelist, Rendezvous in Black, et al.
WONG, Fei-hung—physician/martial artist, as dramatized in The Legend of Drunken Master, Dreadnaught, Once Upon a Time in China, et al.
WRIGHT, Ernest Vincent—novelist, Gadsby.
See also BÖK, Christian.
WU-TANG CLAN—hip-hop collective, Enter the 36 Chambers, Iron Flag, et al.


YATES, Franceshistorian, Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition, The Art of Memory, et al.
brothers—filmmakers/martial arts choreographers, Taoism Drunkard, Shaolin Drunkard, et al.