Parkus Grammaticus

Saturday, May 21, 2005


HALDEMAN, Joe—novelist, The Forever War, Mindbridge, The Accidental Time Machine, et al.
HARRISON, George—musician, All Things Must Pass, "Something," et al. See also BEATLES, the.
HASEK, Jaroslav—Czech novelist, The Good Soldier Svejk
HEAD, Gwen—poet, Fire Shadows, et al.; see SCHWARTZMAN, Lee Tandy
HEINLEIN, Robert A.–science-fiction writer, Stranger in a Strange Land, Farmer in the Sky, Starship Troopers, Friday, et al.
HERZOG, Werner—filmmaker, Grizzly Man, Wheel of Time, The White Diamond, et al.
HOBAN, Russell—novelist, Riddley Walker, Her Name Was Lola, Turtle Diary, et al.
HRABAL, Bohumil—Czech novelist, I Served the King of England, Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age, et al.
HUNT, Laird—author, The Impossibly, Ray of the Star, et al.


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